Lay Observers monitor in line with our expectations for detained persons.

For all those in escort and court custody we expect:

– Detained Persons to be treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination;

– access to justice for Detained Persons, with all being given information about their rights and having the ability to access legal advice;

– Detained Persons to be held in suitable accommodation that is clean safe and fit for purpose;

– Detained Persons to be transported promptly in suitable vehicles;

– transport and custody to be managed in a way that supports Detained Persons’ wellbeing;

– responsible people properly exercising their duty of care in relation to Detained Persons’ health and personal care needs.


The Lay Observer expectations are supported by a set of standards to be met whenever Detained Persons are held in custody. Lay Observers assess the extent to which the expectations are being met against these standards, using a common framework. In most cases Lay Observers will carry a copy of these standards whilst making their visit. As part of their visit Lay Observers will also collect information in relation to the physical environment and the standard of record keeping.